Services We Can offer

One-stop” complete supply chain service, solve your multi-point purchase trouble.

Franchised product selection and design-in assistance service.

Provide agent products to reduce the cost of alternative materials selection.
Assist in designing, testing, verifying, and optimizing product solutions.
Provide sample application on demand.

Provide the complete BOM "one-stop" full set supply chain service, and relieve you of some of the extra worries of purchasing goods.

Reduce the complexity of the inquiry processing process, procurement staff as equipped with a professional procurement team.
The material matching rate is up to 90%, reducing the cost of the quotation.
24 hours a day full set of operations, and more demand in a moment to implement.

Provide more types and smaller batches of component supply services, solving your problems with prototype product testing, new product R&D, and the need for emergency supplemental products in item orders.

There are virtually no order quantity or order amount limits.
Assist in achieving cost control budgets during the R&D phase.
To ensure stable demand, assist in investigating the market availability of various materials for subsequent mass production.

Providing Shortage , Obsolete, Hard to Find , Millitay and Industrial components.

More than 7,000 reputable suppliers are on standby, and 70% of our agents are flexible in ordering.
Our supply channels are all over Europe, North America, Japan and Korea.
Efficient ERP e-commerce platform to search every corner of the world.

Provide lower costs on components with long term supplies and goods preparation services, easing your anxieties about having a steady supply of your commonly used model number.

Provide timely feedback on material market dynamics, and cooperate with production planning and forecasting to achieve zero inventory material management in factories.
Flexible and diverse material preparation solutions to reduce single transaction costs and time.
More than 30 famous OEM and EMS factories with the flexible resale of commonly used inventory.

Provide surplus electronic material stock commissions and storage cleaning services, helping you lower property damage and withdraw capital.

Thousands of potential customers demand, improve the realization rate of the surplus material and enrich the liquidity of enterprises.
Quickly, easily and at a high rate to resolve surplus inventory pressure.
Reduce inventory management labor costs and storage space, and control the risk of multiple inventory losses.

Provide a testing service for third party components, freeing you of your concerns about the quality of products.

Provide a testing service for third party components, freeing you of your concerns about the quality of products.
Help to recommend the appropriate product testing center.
Assist in training factory QC personnel to master the basic visual inspection skills and methods of components.

Provide increased value services both before and after the sale, serving as your personal consultant while you deal with various thorny problems.

Assist in locating technical support documentation datasheets and materials.
Helping to find replacement solutions for various discontinued hard-to-find devices.
Provide sample requests on demand.

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